Personal experience

Academic experience:

1.2014.1 I went to Lantian, a place in Guangdong province ,southern China. I collected information about local customs and folk songs,then wrote a drama which also became my graduating portfolio–the legend of Lantian.

2.2014.4 I represented my college to join the 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival as a judge. We watched about 8 films everyday in Beijing Normal University,wrote assessments and gave points.In the final assessment meeting,we students judges and professors judges had a fiercely debate and voted for many awards.In the closing ceremony ,I met Tang Wei and congratulated to her,because she won best actress prize in that festival. Click here,the report about the closing ceremony

3.2015.9 I got my first internship in a creative company called Vinci. I worked in marketing department and took charge daily operation management of official Weichat account of our company . I designed a program called ‘breaking listening’ to invited excellent people to give  a free speech on Weichat group. In this way, 8000people(mostly students)are attracted and become our fans under our official Weichat account. Our fans increase to 11000 from 3000 after I launched this free sharing online speech. This is the first time that  I know social media has such great power and become interested in digital media.To see what I wrote ?here is one of my article of interviewing a young opera actor!

3.2015.11 I joined One Show China youth creative competition 2015 as a volunteer.It was an interesting advertising competition.Students from all around China came together and they sat up groups , discussed jointly, rose jointly.My job is to be the tutor assistant.I distributed proposals to every student and gave announcements of committee.In this process,I saw many creative outlets and met creative artists and CEO (like Nicky Szmala,Dirk Eschenbacher etc ) before I join this activity,I think art is art,which shows little relationship with marketing and business.Talk shows given by these outstanding people change my mind.Actually, marketing gives you motivation to make arts better! all areas like designing ,advertising,internet,technology,film,music show great relationship between each other. The first step of creativity is getting out of the freaking box.You can find more information about One Show here


Other experience:

1.2013.5-11 Working in The 9th China(Beijing) International Garden Expo as a volunteer in my spare time. I introduced Chinese garden culture to visitors and help them with directions there.If you are interested in this expo and want to see pictures of different gardens,you can find the official website here

2.2013.7 Wenchao Wu,the secretary of the committee of the Youth League at our college invited some students to do social practice in Shandong province.Luckily , I was one of these students.I designed the questionnaire of how people think of university students’ innovative undertaking and interviewed many successful entrepreneurs with my partner.

3.2012.5 As both of actress and deputy director in a performance. I designed posters and invitations.After  a month rehearsal ,I think I did quite good job in the classic dancing and Cantonese Opera.