Companies and WeChat

Companies using WeChat can be divided into two types, one is promoting products, another is expanding brand visibility.

What are their marketing methods through WeChat? And what are the different between marketing model on a big company and a small business?

  1. Targeted Audience

The first step for companies to promote through WeChat is to understand who the audiences are. If the audience is not clear, even advertising expense costs a lot, the business does not turn good. For example, cosmetics companies need to focus on girls and young women while training institutions aim at students and parents.

  1. Publicizing in “sharing moment” and Notifications

Today’s audience and network users are surrounded by colorful information and multimedia forms, it is hard for companies to attract customers if they do not innovate promoting methods and create eyes-catching content. On WeChat, large and famous companies like Dior(Dior is the first company to advertise on “sharing moment”) and Innisfree will invest advertisement on “sharing moment”, which is the homepage for users to see friends updates. As for small and medium businesses tend to set up official account and push notifications to followers. In this way , they afford low advertising fee even free advertisement.

  1. Consumer Survey

It is easily for companies to do a consumer survey on WeChat, and such survey always need to cover employee benefits. For example, several years ago I joined a WeChat group set by a Yogurt company called LePur, and staffs introduce their product in this group. What is surprise is that, once we complete the digital survey form, we can get a 15 yuan coupon. Many members in this group transmitted this activity link to their “sharing moments” and call for their friends to join the group and draw the survey. LePur gained popularity among WeChat users and built an excellent cyclical effect.

This is the link that my friend transmit to me. Fill a form to get a 15 yuan coupon.
  1. Staff Service

If you buy a product or book a ticket and need after-sale service, what would you do? To call the company? But you need to pay calling fee and the line’s maybe always busy. To email them? But you need to write a lot explain the problem and wait for a long time to receive reply … Why not try to contact by WeChat if the company has WeChat official account or service account!

Actually, it is a time-saving and high-efficient method. On weChat, you can use voice to state your problem even send photos of broken items to the staff.

Here is two examples of after-sale service account, one is EPS (united express parcels) in Australia another is CSA(China Southern Airlines). CSA can offer faster and better service because they design different question items for customers.

(All screenshots above are from Trancy’s WeChat account)



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