News Organizations and WeChat

A Chinese scholar,Liu Zheng interviewed 300 students from 7 leading universities in Zhejiang province. It showed that 85.39% of university students knew news from the Internet, and Wechat was the first resource for these students to acquire news and latest information.(Figures from

News on WeChat attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers every day. How can news organizations do that? What kinds of news are journalists more focus on? You can  find answers after you read this blog post.

  • News subscription accounts

Wechat allows the journalism to have more information channels and offers a fastest channel for news. People can get access to news anywhere and anytime from WeChat application on phone. There are so many news subscription accounts on WeChat and they are competing and cooperating with each other, mutually leading to a better consumer experience.There are examples of news accounts.

Pictures from Trancy’s Wechat account

Tencent news( the only compulsory news account that every WeChat user need to follow),  CCTV news and “Welife in Melbourne “, these news organizations push notifications  on the WeChat back-end. Different news account focus on different types of news. For example, CCTV tends to push about domestic and global news events especially political news  every day. Tencent news is more close to life of citizens, covering news like demolition, entertainment news and extreme weather. “Welife in Melbourne ” is about news happen on Melbourne like “Zombie Walk” and extension of Chadstone.

  • How news on WeChat work


Pictures from Trancy’s Wechat account

From These screenshots  we can see, a news notification is consist of one heading with pictures and several sub-headings. You are able to open anyone that you are interested  by clicking it, then it will  unfold as a news article with videos and songs embed.

  • Model benefits operating cost

Compared with the old news room, operation on Wechat is more convenient and cost-effective. News organizations especially organizations focusing on life news do not  need a real-life company, they can gather materials and edit them in a small room and even do by one person from collecting information to push news articles.

2.become multimedia and concise

WeChat offers a multimedia information platform full of diversity. News organizations can apply plenty of pictures, videos and songs to news articles, making the news become lively and interesting. Pictures and videos are more attractive, eye-catching and more understandable. Apart from multimedia items, news subscription accounts always cut the news into short text and use SEO and key words in the news lead. This is because citizens do not have much time and patience to read a long article as that in the newspaper and website. In order to gain more attention and amount of repost, the news articles on Wechat must be short, attractive and tidy.

*Screenshots above are all from Trancy’s account



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